ADHD Advisory Group for AllStudent Co-Development

The Advisory group will inform the design of the tools that AllStudent is developing to help ADHD students learn. This will take place over the summer of 2021/2022, and will involve further surveys and focus groups to refine what tools and features are required to make learning the best possible experience for ADHD students.

AllStudent is a not-for-profit start-up that has grown from the Deakin SPARK start-up incubator, and Deakin ADHD Initiative.

ADHD students, parents and educators can join using the form below, or otherwise use this link. Information provided will only be used for the purpose of developing learning tools.

Thanks for taking the time to sign-up. It really means a lot to have the support of the people I'm creating this for.

All the best,


Co-Founder of the Australian ADHD Student Association.

Project Officer of the Deakin ADHD Initiative.

Australian ADHD Student Association

The Centre for Effective ADHD Action is now developing AllStudent: the learning design software that will decisively move education into the 21st century. The aim of AllStudent is to provide every higher education student with a learning system that maximises their satisfaction and growth as a learner.

It will do this by converting the expertise of university teaching staff into engaging, streamlined learning material and assessment methods that are tailored to every student. AllStudent supersedes the popular, yet ever-distant current model of inclusive education.

It introduces a new model:individual education, which positions each student's learning preferences and abilities as the starting point of learning design and assessment.

In the era of individual education, a student's education is not used as a standardised measurement of their ability to fit the mould, but instead, an opportunity to foster curiosity and unleash the student's true learning potential.

AllStudent Individual Learning Design System

Development will of AllStudent will begin with producing hyper-engaging, customisable learning material that is specified for the preferences and learning style of ADHD. Further developments will allow teaching staff to quickly convert courses into a more advanced format that can meet the learning needs of any student.

AllStudent will integrate seamlessly into online learning management systems used by universities globally.

Once established as the industry standard for education design and delivery, the aim is to continue to relentlessly improve functional efficacy until all barriers to learning have been removed, and all students will have access to the education they deserve.